Get a grip on your data

Modern organizations hold data, lots of data, lakes of data. Still, data is often organized in silos, silos which are averse to communicate with each other, silos in which data is tightly packed and hard to access. Knowledge Graph technology makes data more accessible and allows to easily cross the border of data pools.

Protect your investments

Virtual Knowledge Graphs allow access to existing database systems with state of the art query tools. Your specialists, your data analysts, your marketing experts, your researchers can access your data with contemporary expressive graph technology. And all, without changing your IT landscape.

The Technology

Virtual Knowledge Graphs

The virtualization developed in our group eliminates the need for ETL scripts and avoids redundancy. A thin layer translates the highly expressive query into native database queries, which are run directly on the existing database. Thanks to many optimizations, this happens at incredible speed, as is documented in a large number of scientific publications.

Open Source

The engine itself - ontop - is open source and will always be. No vendor lock-in, no stellar software cost and a welcoming comunity.